Video – The Cartel on W&W 2021 – Andrew, RJ, Wei and Frank Talk “What’s Actually New (like really new)”

This is the end, my friends… It’s time to wrap up our 4-chapter video series on the best of Watches & Wonders 2021. And congratulations to those who managed to look at these monuments of audio quality and perfect planning skills. Surely enough, that’s what makes them fun! So Andrew (Time+Tide), Robert-Jan (Fratello), Wei (Revolution) and I are reunited for the last time as RJ hosts this talk on “Future Forward” or basically watches that are doing something genuinely innovative. Thanks for watching this series and if all goes well, the 2022 Watches & Wonders wrap will be just between the 4 of us, at a bar, after hours, to discuss the new watches of the fair.

Again, as for the three first instalments, we all threw in some cool items to be gifted, randomly to anyone who (intelligently) comments on our rant. So do hit the keyboard and let us know your choice in the “Future Forward” category and try to win a Limited Edition Speedmaster Fountain Pen from Robert-Jan (who else…)

Thanks to my fellow watch nerds for this fun, unplanned, unexpected series of videos!

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