WATCHPRO Christmas Market Opens Today

Piccadilly Circus in London is famous for its dazzling digital billboards and spectacular Christmas lights.

Today, and until Sunday, it is also home to WATCHPRO Christmas Market, a pop-up retail event and gathering point for watch lovers in the heart of London’s West End.

A dozen brands; some historic, such as Accurist, Duckworth Prestex and HERBELIN, others exciting micro brands like Enoksen, Isotope, IOTA and BVOR.

Drink sponsors will ensure the Market is full of Christmas cheer, with the spicy smell of mulled wine drawing punters into the retail space directly under the famous Piccadilly billboards.

Most of the brands appearing at the Christmas Market sell direct to consumer via their own ecommerce sites and rarely have the opportunity to present their watches in person to the public.

“People can come along and meet the people behind these watches, try them on and place orders for anything that catches their fancy,” says Lucy Cheesewright, head of live events for WATCHPRO.

WATCHPRO Market is developing into a key opportunity for British business, many of them launched less than five years’ ago, to promote themselves to the press and public.

WATCHPRO has been consulting with the Alliance of British Clock and Watchmakers on raising the profile of these British companies.

“Our mission since day one has been to help businesses profit from the sale of watches, and help them reach out to the broadest possible audience. Through in-person events like WATCHPRO Christmas Market, and online at, which welcomes up to one million visitors per month, we can provide support to brands and take them to the next level,” says WATCHPRO co-founder Daniel Malins.


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WATCHPRO Christmas Market takes place in a retail store space right under the Piccadilly Circus Christmas lights on Regent Street; one of the highest footfall destinations in London from December 2-4.

To find us, simply exit Piccadilly Circus tube station, look to the famous digital advertising billboards and you will see WATCHPRO Christmas Market right beneath the lights.


Exhibitors & Partners at WATCHPRO Salon 2022:

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