BTS & BLACKPINK Fans Battle Over Whose Idol CELINE Most Adores

Ask CELINE whether it prefers BTS or BLACKPINK and the luxury house would likely find it impossible to choose between the two. After all, BTS member Kim “V” Taehyung is a friend of CELINE creative director Hedi Slimane and BLACKPINK’s Lisa is a CELINE ambassador and model. But neither BTS’ Army of stans nor BLACKPINK’s Blinks are willing to budge: either Taehyung or Lisa is the biggest CELINE fan and that’s that.

The debate began, as so many do, on Twitter, where fan pages reshared a snippet from a listicle about 2022’s biggest fashion moments, which mentioned the immense crowds drawn by the arrivals of both LISA and Taehyung to CELINE’s Spring/Summer 2023 show.

That article was published on December 16 but, for some reason, it again made the rounds on stan Twitter nearly a month later, on January 16.

The reshare coincided with Valentino’s January 17 appointment of BTS member Suga as its latest ambassador (Suga most recently modeled the Valentino Essentials campaign, foreshadowing the announcement).

In response to the resurfaced article, BTS and BLACKPINK stans inexplicably began duking it out as to which of their ultra-famous idols was actually the best CELINE representative, as if it’s some sort of competition (to be fair, .

Reporter Laith Bazari who has been covering pfw for 18 years shared his thoughts on the huge crowd for Kim Taehyung at the Celine show

He also says “I can’t believe I took a pic with him, it was hard taking a picture with him as he had 6-7 bodyguards and security around him”

— Grrr⁷ (@tetekjkoo) January 17, 2023

it actually inflated our ego!! taehyung got a personal invitation from hedi, celine sent him a private jet, booked him a room in a hotel more expensive than the one where their other guests stayed and made more noise than the brand’s own ambassador as a simple guest

— diana (@kmtaegii) January 17, 2023

On Taehyung’s side, BTS Army members asserted that the singer received preferential treatment from Hedi Slimane, like a private plane, extra-expensive hotel room, and personal meet-and-greet with the reclusive Slimane.

Behind the scene fans agenda:
“If you tell a big enough lie & tell it frequently enough,it will believed”

No matter how hard they try to hide the truth,it will always come out. LISA will always shine & will be the moment wherever she goes. The power of HUMAN CELINE.

— 🖇 (@Lisabmybae) January 17, 2023

CELINE’s SS23 Menswear show was the top-performing mens fashion show in 2022.

Generating $43 Million EMV (up +995%), due to the attendance of Celine brand ambassador #LISA, her 3 Instagram posts accounted for 39% of all EMV accrued throughout the show.


— BLACKPINK Global News (@BPGlobalNews) January 17, 2023

Lisa’s adherents, however, dispute some of the claims and make some of their own, pointing to the perceived media value of Lisa’s CELINE co-signs (which include a runway appearances) as overriding factors in the BLACKPINK star’s dominance.

for the qrts,this info spreading by your own fandom saying that he had to leave on 22nd at Incheon Airport but postponed,even media prepared for livestreaming while Lisa had a fixed flight by jet from Celine on 24th and her flight was never rescheduled to fit someone so…

— Cupcake Lizard 🧁🦎 (@UnholyLizard) January 17, 2023

In fact, the private jet argument is a particular sticking point.

Some believe that Lisa is the singular reason for CELINE’s international popularity, others find it hard to believe that anyone other than Taehyung is worth CELINE’s time.

One thing is that Celine became popular because of Lisa. Lisa made Celine bigger.

— 𝐋𝐕 (@lisaitgworl) January 17, 2023

chanting his name nonstop, even the
founder and CEO the fashion search engine Alexandra Van Houtte, updated an ig story about the celine PFW show “IVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE”

no amount of edit from lisards will change the fact that he was the main event that day 😭

— zu⁷⁹ (@onlyfthv) January 17, 2023

Neither side is giving an inch, unsurprisingly, and the bizarre argument will likely end as quickly as it began.

The only substantial stance to take away from the entire debacle is really just that BTS’ members are quickly getting snapped up by luxury houses as brand ambassadors.

Jimin for Dior ✅
Yoongi for Valentino ✅
Jhope for LV 🔜
Joon for Bottega Veneta 🔜
Jungkook for Versace 🔜
Taehyung for Celine or Gucci 🔜
Jin for Cartier 🔜
Everyone wants bts, Keep the ambassador announcements coming 😆

— kimi/ STEAM VIBE!!! (@YOURGIRlkimi) January 17, 2023

Though the K-pop group is currently on hiatus while some members devote time to mandatory South Korean military service, BTS was always LVMH’s first favorite, having repped a variety of its brands, like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Berluti.

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