Frank Ocean's Famed Arc'teryx Beanie Has Evolved

Once a beloved celebrity throws on a sick piece of gear, that’s it; game over. Kiss goodbye to your chances at purchasing for the retail price, and prepare yourself for a resale whirlwind.

When Frank Ocean threw on the Arc’teryx Grotto Toque, for instance, nothing was the same, so much so that the infamous beanie has now .evolved.

We’ve seen it all before: someone famous decides to throw on a pair of sneakers or don a new look thus sending fans on a mad chase to the corners of the earth as they attempt to claim the new style themselves, eventually shaping a new style craze.

Over the years, certain circles dubbed this cycle the Kanye Effect. We’ve played witness countless times – the Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse “Independence Day” pack and Flyknit Trainer, Balenciaga Crocs Boot, to name a few.

Nowadays, the Kanye Effect is a lot less savory so let’s instead focus on the Frank Ocean Effect.

Fans of Arc’teryx will also be familiar with the Ocean Effect, which has seen the popularity of the Grotto Toque skyrocket. Subsequently, each new colorway of the hat has fetched upwards of two to three times over retail cost on the secondary market.

Given the strikingly bold contrasting colorways that the infamous knitted Arc’teryx beanie possesses, this should come as no surprise.

Frank or no Frank, it’s a sick piece that adds a statement finish to any Gorpcore look.

Now, nearly impossible to purchase firsthand, Arc’teryx evolved its fan-favorite beanie for SS23, ushering in three new styles.

The first, the Lightweight Grotto Toque, is exactly what it says on the tin.

A lighter iteration of the original, complete with statement pattern and heavy contrasting colorways, is better suited for seasonal wear, allowing you to keep the ‘fits consistent as the sun starts to shine.

Fan reviews have fallen heavily on the side of negativity, however, with most sharing complaints regarding the product’s surprisingly snug fit, especially compared to its predecessor.

The second and third Arc’teryx accessories, meanwhile, are a matching pair – the Rho Lightweight Wool Toque and Neck Gaiter – featuring a subtly contrasting version of the famed print.

Although lacking the boldness of the OG Grotto Toque line-up, they look great as a pair.

While an evolution of the original is welcomed, especially considering how difficult it’s become to purchase, none quite match up due to sizing and quality concerns. Unfortunately for us trying to get the goods at retail, it seems as though the Ocean Effect is ongoing.

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