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Shopworn Graham Silverstone RS watch

Graham watches are famous for their jumbo-sized lever-actuated pusher (example after the jump). It’s an ergonomically sound, love it or hate it design. Members of the latter camp will be pleased to learn that not all Graham timepieces look like an M61 fragmentation hand grenade. The 42mm Graham Silverstone RS (above) makes do with ginormous trad pushers. Shopworn’s selling the Silverstone for $3,575, down from . . .

$8,670. That’s a 59 percent discount off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), before deducting another 30 percent using the code GRAHAM30 at checkout. (Valid until the 26th of February. No financial consideration provided to TTAW by Shopworn for this article). Mind you . . .


Retail prices are often nothing more than marketing. There are plenty of watches (e.g., Bulova) where MSRP is never the actual price. Also worth noting: this Graham is “shopworn” – a never-worn watch that may have been handled in-store.

The Silverstone RS is powered by the Graham Calibre G1738 (ETA/Valjoux 7750 base), one of several 7750 Graham chronographs on sale at Shopworn. The selection’s part of their agreement to sell dust-collecting inventory from Graham dealers for an agreed price in an agreed market. But wait! There’s more!

Shopworn Graham Chronofighter Target Chronograph Automatic

Graham Chronofighter Target Chronograph Automatic – $3,450

The Chronofighter Chronograph sports Graham watches’ aforementioned “grenade style” chrono lever (the timer reset lives at the 10 o’ clock). This isn’t a watch for shrinking violets. Not only is the lever 3/4 as large as the dial, the dial clocks in at an epic 47mm.

Look closely and you can see that the day/date wheel is on the move, and only partially obscured by the frosted crystal. A Concepto/Valjoux 7750 movement powers the Chronofighter’s 30-minute timer. Fortunately, boiled eggs only take 12 minutes.

Silverstone Time Zone GMT Automatic – $2,250

Graham Watches Silverstone Time Zone GMT Automatic

Since 1995, Graham watches have gone their own way – even when they try to tone it down for a more classical look. To wit: the 42mm Time Zone GMT puts the date at the 7 o’ clock. Where have we seen that before? *crickets chirping*

The skeletonized GMT hand is an anathema to red – green color blind buyers, but far-sighted collectors will appreciate the GMT’s proportions (the strap’s buckle is big enough to double as a toddler’s seat belt). The carbon fiber weave dial says Pagani Zonda, a carmaker that uses AMG engines made by . . .

Graham Watches Mercedes GP Silverstone Chronograph Automatic – $3,350

Graham Watches Mercedes GP

Even amongst Graham watches’ funky AF timepieces, the Mercedes GP stands apart. It’s a panda-faced watch Jim, but not as we know it. The date complication – using a module made by La Joux Perret – moves to the 9 o’ clock (just because) and the main hands disappear. JK. I’m reasonably sure it’s a photo issue.

The GP’s another 7750 caliber contender: a pie plate on your wrist stretching the boundaries of time and space at a Panerai pleasing 48mm. Which makes legibility a non-issue for Graham’s 12-hour chronograph. Or any of their other watches, come to think of it.

As the man who founded FedEx opined, the trick to competing successfully isn’t to do things better than the other guy. It’s to do things differently. Quick question: at what price would a Graham watch become a no-brainer?

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