Kim Kardashian Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Football Since the Super League

Football fans, read it and weep; the Kardashian Curse is real, oh, so real. After a mother-and-son trip to the Emirates saw Arsenal crumble on penalties, Kim took a trip to PSG’s Le Parc des Princes. The result? A 2-0 loss, of course.

Superstition and sports go hand in hand. Pregame rituals, lucky charms, and whatever else; fans and players alike know their totems and omens, but I’m sure no one in football would have imagined that Kim Kardashian would be the flame that brings the house down.

Now, for context – if you’ve stayed well away from the internet over the past few days, you might be unaware that Kim K has been getting about the UK and Europe.

kim kardashian sitting in a pub on paddys day drinking guinness after going to an arsenal match is fucking mental hahahahaha

— rebecka (@rebecka_lynch) March 18, 2023

It all began last week when the face of the Kardashian family was spotted at Arsenal’s home ground, the Emirates, alongside her son Saint. As we all know by now, this led to a defeated Arsenal being knocked out of the Europa League.

After a facetime call with Arsenal’s star boy Bukayo Saka, a visit from Deli Ali, and getting the pints around London on a pub crawl for St. Patrick’s Day, the star found herself headed to Paris for another spot of footy.

Now, you’d probably be forgiven for assuming the superstition surrounding a Kardashian Curse is just an Arsenal thing – they say we’re always looking for an excuse – yet Kim’s Ligue 1 appearance says otherwise.

PSG, as you’ll know, is home to three of the game’s biggest stars. Messi, Mbappe, and Nyemar Jr. With such an incredibly talented front three, there’s an expectation of glory.

PSG had not lost at Parc des Princes in 715 days; a 35-game run.

Kim Kardashian visits and Christophe Galtier’s side lose 0-2 to Rennes.


— Football on BT Sport (@btsportfootball) March 19, 2023

For Paris Saint-Germain, Le Parc des Princes is a fortress; a fortification at which the team’s managed a two-year run without taking a loss; until Kim Kardashian (and Kendall Jenner) came to town, that is.

Unfortunately for the Parisian side, Kim’s bad luck charms were busy at work once again, seeing to a 2-0 defeat.

Kim Kardashian is at the Emirates and Arsenal are eliminated from the Europa League.

Kim Kardashian is at the Parc des Princes and PSG lose 2-0 to Rennes.

Kardashian curse 🫠

— B/R Football (@brfootball) March 19, 2023

I don’t know what Kim keeps in her pockets, but there’s something about her that puts home teams on the back foot.

Dare I say it, Kim Kardashian, and her globetrotting stint in the beautiful game, is the worst thing to happen to football since the Super League. Fortunately, the Super League never found its legs – Kim, however, looks set to bring the game’s league leaders to their knees.

Here’s hoping Manchester City is next in line. Please.

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