Nah, These Teletubby Boots Are Wild

A peak childhood fantasy come true or a Y2K nightmare? Regardless of how you feel about these Teletubby boots, they’re real (and here).

The high-heel boots you see above are part of a collaboration between London label Christian Cowan and Teletubbies, the children’s television series that kids adored but left some parents creeped out.

I can’t lie: I loved the Teletubbies as a kid, but adult me is terrified by them (so, I get it, parents).

Anywho, the boots. Christian Cowan’s Teletubbies heels are as wild and terrifying as it gets, with Teletubby Dipsy’s antennae-equipped head plopped on the top and the arms reaching out right below. Naturally, the rest of the boot is realized in plush material and a bright green hue like the character.

The $2,500 Dipsy boots by Christian Cowan are currently up for grabs on the brand’s website. The site already crashed during its release time, per the brand. In short, act fast if you’re looking to cop.

It’s safe to say that fashion girls are ready to live out their childhood Teletubby dreams.

“When deciding what our next collaboration would be, we were throwing around lots of pop culture icons, and then it struck us, let’s do THE icons,” read Christian Cowan’s Instagram post.

“We treated Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po & Tinkey-Winkey like the legends they are, shot in an Avedon-esque style, these garments tell the story of our four legendary characters, who have come to step on everyone’s necks and have autographed these pieces for their adoring fans.”

Indeed, the rest of the collection includes a hoodie, t-shirt, jeans, and a denim jacket featuring the campaign stills and sign-offs by the British show’s characters.

The remainder of the collab is undoubtedly much less chaotic than a Dipsy plush toy in boot form. And even though the show scares me, seeing Tinky-Winky’s bag brought to life would’ve been nice.

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen Teletubbies shown some love by a brand. Last year, UK brand KOI dropped an entire footwear collection dedicated to the faces of Teletubby land, Noo-Noo shoes and Dipsy boots included.

In addition to an ongoing obsession with cartoons, is fashion slowly entering its Teletubby era, too? One more Dipsy piece, and we’ll have our answer (which would be a yes).

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