Need a $650 Frisbee? $420 Fork? Prada’s Got You Covered

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Yes, yes, the cliche of gawking at outrageously priced luxury products is so passé, so don’t consider this a callout. Instead, I just wanna take a second and praise Prada‘s absolutely bonkers spread of ultra-expensive outdoor wares. I can’t afford anything from the line, sure — maybe the $80 water bottle? — but I admire it for being just plain fun, an uber-bougie celebration of excess in line with luxurious Tic-Tac-Toe sets and silver basketballs.

These oddities are all part of Prada’s Outdoor sub-label, which kicked off last month with the beachy Coast selection and continues with this Mountain collection. The Mountain apparel and accessories are obviously designed for the ultra-wealthy’s treks from five-star resort to designated glamping spot, evoking classic campside fare with hiking backpacks, packable blankets, and zip-off pants.

Of course, this being Prada, the functionality is balanced by luxurious Re-Nylon, plentiful Prada branding, and prices to match.

Take the $650 Prada frisbee, for instance: it’s still a plastic circle with ridged edges, but it now comes with a white logo and — admittedly cool AF — buckled carrying strap that’s basically a fancy frisbee holster. $140 lunch boxes, $120 glass bowls, and cutlery sets ($85 – $420) were all concocted in partnership with eco-conscious cookware label Black + Blum, though the $550 dog leash (more doggie wearables!), $420 linen placemat set, and $875 hammock are pure Prada.

It’s no surprise that the bags and apparel are as pricey as ever, but really the only truly outré eye-popper is a $1,990 (!) yoga mat — at least its carrying strap comes with a nifty little pouch. Then again, if you’re jetting off to the Amalfi Coast or Montenegro every summer, a couple g’s for a yoga mat probably ain’t much.

And, though the world needs more luxury tchotchkes as much as Earth’s atmosphere needs more greenhouse gases, they’re at least fun to look at and imagine a situation where you have the kinda cash that makes a $1,000 volleyball a mere splurge.

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