Nobody's Getting Lil Wayne Out of His Balenciaga

It’ll take a lot more than some little controversy to get Lil Wayne to stop wearing his favorite brand. The rapper and his son, Kameron Carter, appeared courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game on January 12 and Wayne was Balenciaga’d out as usual.

This isn’t too surprising, really. With the so-called scandal mostly cooled, Balenciaga’s no longer off-limits to some of its celebrity fans.

2 Chainz, for instance, has been seen wearing Balenciaga in recent days, and even initially Balenciaga-shy Justin Bieber got back into the swing of things.

It’s a curious case, as not everyone clearly does not feels the same. Kim Kardashian, perhaps the most famous face of Balenciaga, has still refused to don her gear, though she has no issues donning YEEZYs despite her immensely disagreeable ex-husband.

Meanwhile, guys like Lil Wayne remain unaffected in their adoration for the brand. They’ve been wearing Balenciaga for months if not years at this point, why stop now?

Wayne even shelled out for the collaborative adidas Triple S in black to match his blacked-out Balenciaga x adidas accessories.

It just goes to show that there are all kinds of perspectives on the matter.

For some, Balenciaga’s transgressive ad campaign was offensive enough that they were moved to cut up their clothes (at least some of that had to be bootleg Balenciaga, though). For others, it was merely something to ignore long until until they could get back into their beloved gear.

Such is the nature of things. Anyone wondering if Balenciaga’s name is forever tarnished need only look at fans like Lil Wayne, who’re keen enough on Demna’s work to remain with the label through thick and thin.

It’s not like they don’t have the money or means to go elsewhere. Lil Wayne’s been wearing giant T-shirts and pants since the “Get Off The Corner” days — it’s not like he can only get that stuff from Balenciaga.

But he knows what he likes and where to get it, so with Balenciaga Lil Wayne will remain.

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