Tracking the 2023 Oscars' Worst-Dressed Red Carpet Looks

It’s that time again — time to list the worst ‘fits at the 2023 Oscars.

In the spirit of award season, we naturally applauded the stylish wins served at the 95th Academy Awards. But now the time has come to round up the red carpet looks from the evening that didn’t quite pass the vibe check or missed the memo altogether.

Thing is, the Oscars tends to bring out pretty good style. Last year’s event only had a handful of mediocre looks and paled in comparison to the Grammys red carpet. Same story here, really.

Long story short: 2023 was a pretty good year for Oscars fashion! More hits than misses. But, still, pobody’s nerfect and there were a couple celebs who did not come to do The Thing (Unlike Angela Bassett, who did do The Thing).

Gather ‘round as we again judge the 2023 Oscars attendee’s designer Ls while swaddled in our less-than-luxurious sweats.

Mindy Kaling

Between the the peplum, sleeve-gloves, and boned bustier, Mindy’s outfit is everything everywhere all at once.

Sandra Oh

We love Sandra but between the hair, dress, and weirdly austere jewelry, this ain’t it.

Nicole Kidman

The pointless 3D flowers are a tacky blemish on Nicole’s otherwise classy look.

Elizabeth Banks


Eva Longoria

According to Eva, her custom Zuhair Murad dress was supposed to read “disco ball.” Unfortunately, it wound up reading poor man’s Balmain-era Kim Kardashian.

Florence Pugh

Valentino bike shorts at the Oscars? In this economy?

Ana de Armas

Maybe if this was an actual red carpet but the color of this Louis Vuitton dress just washes out poor Ana as her lower torso devolves into a sea of shapeless ruffles.

Rooney Mara

Me after begging my friends to take a picture of me.

Allison Williams

Party in the front, drapes in the back.

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