Mornings mark the beginning of the day and usher in fresh optimism. However, because of our fast-paced lives, many among us end up adopting some bad morning habits. So much so that despite knowing they harm us, we are reluctant to change our ways as long as they help us remain ahead of others. Although they might not have an immediate impact on us, these bad morning habits adversely affect our physical and mental well-being. Therefore, we must consider recognising and changing them.

Here is a list of bad morning habits that make us less productive

Checking your phone as soon as you wake up

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Technology has enslaved us. This is more evident in our constant need for checking our phones. Many among us are prey to this habit as we wake up and instantly start scrolling through social media on our smartphones.

Even experts advise against going through social media first thing in the morning, as it can leave us feeling stressed and worried depending on what we read.

Ideally, the first thing to do every morning is meditation. Spending a good 10-15 minutes doing this is one of the best ways to kick-start our day. This helps us maintain inner peace and calm.

Snoozing your alarm

Bad morning habits
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One of the worst morning habits adversely impacting productivity and health is hitting the snooze button of the alarm clock. It reduces the time we should be spending on preparing psychologically and getting ready for the day, which adds to our stress.

Additionally, by doing so, we miss out on important things in life which we should use to focus on. Hitting snooze disturbs our sleep inertia as well. Instead, we should either sleep early or set an alarm for a realistic time at which we can wake up and feel fresh. We should also try to improve our sleep cycle by resisting the habit of snoozing the alarm.

Skipping breakfast

Bad morning habits
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Breakfast means ‘breaking the fast,’ which is eating after a long seven-to-eight-hour sleep cycle. Moreover, this is the most significant meal of the day, and we should not skip it to simply get some more time to do other things in the morning.

Being hungry for so long impacts our health in the long run. So, first thing in the morning, we should consume whole foods and increase our intake of fruits and veggies. Consider morning meal planning if you don’t have the time to whip up healthy dishes every day.

Not having a to-do list

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Having a goal or listing things to do every day is very important. This is because the list enables our subconscious mind to keep track of the schedule even while we are asleep and prepares us to wake up the first time the alarm rings. This makes our mornings easy, and we never feel the urge to keep lazing in bed. A to-do list helps complete all tasks planned for the day.

Leaving the bed unmade

UNmade bed
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Although making our bed may seem like something that is only associated with the look of our home, it truly helps us prepare for a productive day. How, you ask? It readies us psychologically — the room looks fresh and systemic as opposed to an unmade bed, which makes us feel sleepy and lethargic.

Also, it enhances the flow of positive energy in the room, which will help us start the day better.

Starting the day with news

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Contrary to popular belief, starting the day with news is not ideally a good morning habit, as it can take a toll on our mental health. Reading negative reports and articles first thing in the morning may dampen your positivity from the get go, and this is the major reason why experts advise against starting our day by reading the news. It negatively impacts our mindset, which hinders productivity.

However, catching up on news and knowing what is happening around us is necessary, so try do so only after completing our morning routine or just read headlines to filter the news to focus on.

No morning exercise routine

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Adding to the list of bad morning habits is having no morning exercise routine, and its effects might not show up while we are young. Making exercise part of our morning regime is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. A morning sweat session for just 15-30 minutes increases physical and mental productivity. Additionally, morning workouts can help boost metabolism which keeps us fit.

Forgetting to hydrate

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One of the most essential morning routines that many people fail to even consider is monitoring our body’s water. Drinking sufficient water first thing in the morning and staying hydrated throughout the day can promote a healthy gut and metabolism. Hydrating ourselves in the morning can also strengthen the immune system, and prevent bad breath and bladder infections. In order to be healthy and productive, start cultivating the habit of starting your day with lots of water and detoxifying drinks.

Drinking coffee

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Yes, drinking coffee in the morning counts among the list of bad morning habits, and it’s not a good idea to do so before 9:30 a.m. According to research, our body naturally creates more cortisol, a stress hormone that regulates energy between the hours of eight and nine in the morning. Consuming coffee during this time can confuse our natural cortisol monitoring system. However, having a regular cup of coffee at noon is considered an ideal time. While making a cup of coffee, make sure to have a glass of water to remain hydrated.

Starting your day with dessert

Bad morning habits
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Always consider having breakfast staples in the morning before having any kind of dessert. This is because consuming dessert on an empty stomach increases blood sugar levels, which can result in sugar spikes in the short run, and even diabetes in the long run. Having a healthy, hearty breakfast stabilises the sugar content in the food consumed and keeps the gut healthy, without making us feel bloated. Also, experts suggest consuming foods which promote better metabolism and are easily digestible in the morning.

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10 bad habits that are making you less productive in the morning

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