Being wine lovers, we were looking for the best Florence wine tours. We were so excited to explore Italy’s Chianti region and wanted to make sure we did it right. But as always, visiting the wine country can get a little overwhelming.

Figuring out transportation, planning the route, and organizing tastings can turn a relaxing, enjoyable experience into a very stressful one. Then add the worry about drinking and driving. No thanks!

After tons of research, we ended up booking with Walkabout Florence Tours, which has been leading award-winning guided day trips from Florence since 2009. Opting for the Chianti Safari Tour, we had an amazing day in Tuscany’s wine lands. While not one of the cheaper Florence wine tours, it’s one of the best, and worth the money.

Chianti Safari Tour

Our day started at the meeting point of Piazza dei Cavalleggeriat at the Biblioteca Nazionale (National Library). From there the group hopped on a customized and decked-out Unimog safari vehicle and headed for the scenic, unmarked backroads of Tuscany. You can check out “The Beast” as it’s nicknamed by clicking here.

Designed by Mercedes-Benz with the philosophy of “Power for a purpose,” the Unimog is the ideal vehicle to take tour groups down the backroads of Tuscany.
Quick Recap of the Tour

During the full-day Chianti Safari Tour, the group will visit the Chianti Classico region, explore two estates, enjoy lunch at a traditional Tuscan restaurant, and taste 9 wines along the way. Moreover, passengers get escorted through the Tuscany countryside on a custom Unimog, taking the mantra of “Getting Off the Beaten Path” to a whole new level.

Back to the Tour

We sat back, watched the passing scenery, and learned about the history of Florence and the Chianti wine region. One of our favorite takeaways was learning all about the iconic, 700-year-old symbol of the black rooster emblem.

The black rooster represents the production zone for the production of Chianti Classico—a blend of 80% Sangiovese, and 20% of any red grape typical of the area.

First Stop

Our first stop was at Villa le Corti, a stunning estate where we tasted three wines, local olives (and olive oil), meats, and cheeses. Afterward, we took a tour of the cellars and olive mill. Dramatically, we used the underground tunnels that are connected to the winery.

Villa le Corti

Our guide and hosts were hilarious, engaging, and passionate about their products. They rolled out the red carpet for us! There’s little doubt that we participated in a first-class wine-tasting experience.

Second Stop

Getting from Villa le Corti to La Cantinetta di Rignana Restaurant would be quite challenging in a rental car. Luckily, we were in “The Beast,” making the journey effortlessly and enjoyable.

La Cantinetta di Rignana

At the restaurant, guests are treated to the most stunning views of the Tuscan countryside, and the best traditional Italian food. During our visit, we were presented with five various crostinis and generous portions of scrumptious beef and truffle pasta—all fantastic, high-quality tastings and food.

Third, and Final Stop

The final stop of the day takes place at Poggio Torselli, an impressive villa with an incredible history. Guests receive a tour of the villa and receive an explanation regarding the wine production.

Poggio Torselli

Additional time is allotted here to explore the grounds, take pictures, and taste the final three wines of the day, accompanied by cheese, of course! Depending on the time of year, you may even be blessed to enjoy a sunset at Poggio Torselli. Nevertheless, like us, you’ll most likely look back at the day as one of your best in Italy.

With our bellies warmed from the Chianti wines, we returned to Florence reflecting on our fun-filled day. Overall, we highly recommend taking the  Chianti Safari Tour wine tour. Our day was relaxing, organized, and most importantly, of great value.

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