#Deinfluencing Emerges As Hot Social Media Trend

TikTok is leading a new viral social media trend dubbed ‘deinfluencing’, where influencers tell you what you shouldn’t buy.

The term first cropped up at the start of the new year and the hashtag now has more than 52 billion views.

Deinfluencing has emerged as a backlash against years of influencers flaunting their glamorous lives at a time when inflation and other economic headwinds are squeezing people’s ability to shop, travel or even pay their bills.

Alex Payne, CEO of influencer platform Room Unlocked argues authenticity and credibility is now the only way to reach consumers at home.

A study by Room Unlocked found that 60% of the nation finds influencers who flaunt their wares on social media infuriating amidst the cost-of-living crisis.

Two thirds of Brits also say they have lost respect for influencers that are driven by commercial gain, and lack authenticity.

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