Ever zoned out in the middle of something and had a hard time remembering it? Or met an acquaintance after a gap of a few days and absolutely struggled to remember their name? Well, it happens to the best of us. But here’s how to improve your memory.

Sometimes you may be forgetting things because you are too busy or occupied with something else. But if forgetting things is a frequent occurrence, then you might have to find ways to boost your memory. Yes, there are a bunch of factors that contribute to forgetfulness, but there are some aspects that you can manage. And that’s what we are going to talk about here, on how to improve memory.

Easy ways on how to improve memory

Physical exercise

how to improve memory
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When you workout and indulge in physical exercises, it has a direct effect on your brain. A report in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation says that when you exercise regularly, it reduces the risk of cognitive decline with old age and also protects your brain from degeneration. Include more aerobic exercises in your daily routine, like brush walking, hiking, running, swimming etc. as it is one of the best answers to how to improve memory.

Mindful meditation

how to improve memory
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According to a 2018 research paper, it shows that mindfulness in meditation might help boost memory. This study shows that, when you meditate, it enhances brain function, reduces the risk of brian degeneration, and in turn, enhances both your long term memory and working memory. Meditation also leads to long term healthy changes in the brain, like improving brain plasticity.

Cut down on sugar

how to improve memory
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Might sound really difficult if you have a huge sweet tooth. A study in animals showed that a diet high in sugar is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The study also found a link between sugar and lower total brain volume, which leads to the early stages of Alzheimer’s. While you can still consume natural sweets in food items, try cutting down on added sugar if you want to know how to improve memory.

Sleep well

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Who doesn’t love to take a nap in small time pockets during the day, right? But that’s not what we are talking about here. The ideal sleep an adult needs for their brain to function at its full capacity is between seven and half to nine hours. When you don’t sleep well, you will find that your problem-solving abilities, creative thinking and memory are not working as they should. There, you have your answer.

A diet high on brain-boosting food items

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Your body needs fuel, your brain needs fuel. That’s the one fact you have to remember. A diet of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and omega-3s is really good for your brain’s functioning. Cold water fatty fish like trout, mackerel, sardines, tuna etc are great sources of omega-3. Also drink a lot of green tea for its polyphenols and red wine in moderation for its resveratrol.

Find interesting brain activities

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Morgan Vander Hart/Unsplash

At the end of the day, it’s about engaging your brain in activities to improve cognitive abilities. Scrabble, puzzles, crossword games, mobile apps dedicated to memory training and brain-training- there are plenty of ways on how to improve memory.

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Failing to remember things? Here are 6 ways you could improve your memory

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