GREATEST SHOWROOMS: David M Robinson, Manchester, UK

David M Robinson re-opened upgraded boutiques in its spiritual home of Liverpool and its London outpost in Canary Wharf in 2022, but its Manchester showroom remains the greatest embodiment of the customer relationship-driven business model of its managing director John Robinson.

Entering David M Robinson’s refurbished and extended Manchester showroom is like walking into a Four Seasons hotel with Michelin-starred levels of service and attention to detail.

Housing a Rolex boutique, Tudor and IWC stations and wide open spaces for the company’s high end jewellery, it is clear the business has taken a less is more approach to interior design.

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It also makes space for personal service in VIP suites or exclusive customer events.

Fewer brands and less product on display leads to more intimate customer consultations, and DMR prides itself on attention to detail when it comes to these clients.

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They come to intimate events where the retailer has up to 70 pieces of information about every guest on its system. That’s attention to detail.

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You are welcomed into the double-fronted store, right on Manchester’s famous St Ann’s Square, by an open space punctuated with fine jewellery showcases and areas for Tudor and IWC.

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Rolex is off to the left with a branded boutique and its own window frontage.

Down a staircase under a spectacular chandalier are a beautifully designed room for private events and consultations over a fine scotch from its well-stocked bar.

Opposite is a Rolex consultation room where there is a chance to watch DMR’s in-house watchmaker carrying out repairs.

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