Introducing The Sinn T50 Titanium Dive Watch Collection

German watchmaker Sinn is, without a doubt, very good at making tool watches of all sorts. Looking at the brand’s portfolio, dive watches hold a special place with multiple ultra-robust, ultra-focused models, such as the U1 and the U50, both built around an identical concept, with varying case diameters. The latter, the U50, has been since its introduction in 2020 the brand’s flagship watch in this field. And it is now joined by a high-strength, low-weight sister under the name Sinn T50. Still purpose-built, still strong and designed for a job, now in titanium.

Sinn T50 Dive Watch Titanium

So, here we are with a new dive watch collection by Sinn. And yes, it’s not just a new watch, but several versions that are introduced today. It actually is a collection of 3 different watches, named T50, T50 GBDR and T50 GoldBronze. And if there are different materials involved, this new collection is mostly about the use of titanium. As of now, most should be familiar with the U1 and U50 concept, where the letter U stands for U-Boot-Stahl, or the use of German Submarine Steel, and 50 referring the pressure resistance of the case – 50ATMs or 500m. Now, the new T50 adapts slightly the design while keeping the specifications almost intact, and as you’ve guessed, the T in the name refers to the use of titanium.

Sinn T50 GBDR Dive Watch Titanium

Looking at this new Sinn T50 collection, you’ll immediately see familiar traits of the collection. Bead-blasted case, short yet strong lugs, prominent bezel, precision of the scales and focus on reliability and legibility. Looking closely at the new T50 watches, there are however some updates. The design is slightly different, with a new scalloped bezel, with 8 pronounced recesses, a different set of hands (oversized sword hands) and a new minute and hour track, with slightly more classic markers. Gone are the rectangular markers and block-shaped hands, two highly distinctive elements of the steel U50 and U1 models.

The basics for all three versions – T50, T50 GBDR and T50 GoldBronze – are the same. We’re looking at purpose-built dive watches with functional, instrumental design, a 41mm diameter, a 12.3mm height and bead-blasted surfaces all around. The case retains the crown at 4 o’clock, as well as a thick sapphire crystal, and a titanium screwed back. The Sinn T50 also retains all highly-robust features of the brand’s previous dive watches. This includes the captive diver’s bezel with guard to prevent accidental misadjustment – by using the “press first, then turn” concept – and the classic TEGIMENT Technology coating. The watch, with a water-resistance of 500m, is tested according to the technical demands for the diving norm DIN 8306, and tested based on European diving equipment standards EN 250 and EN14143, as certified by DNV.

Inside the case of all models is the highly capable Sellita SW300-1, an automatic movement with 25 jewels, 4Hz frequency and 42h power reserve. It displays the hours, minutes, seconds and date and features a stop-seconds.

Sinn T50 Dive Watch Titanium
The Full-Titanium Sinn T50 Dive Watch

As said, three editions of the Sinn T50 are released. First is the classic model, entirely made of titanium, with a titanium bezel and a black dial. Solid and light (53 grams), it is equipped with a black dial and white markers, all coated with colour-differentiated luminous paint for the minute hand, second hand and key mark on the bezel. This full-titanium version of the T50 is available either on a silicon strap (EUR 3,380) or on a titanium bracelet (EUR 3,340) and will be part of the permanent collection as of May 2023.

Sinn T50 Dive Watch Titanium
The two-tone Sinn T50 GBDR, combining titanium and GoldBronze

New in line is the T50 GBDR, which plays on the trend for two-tone watches – however, in a toolish way, not in a luxurious way. This model retains the middle case in titanium of the classic model but replaces the titanium bezel with a bezel made of Goldbronze 125 – an alloy developed by Sinn that combines 87.5% of bronze and 12.5% of gold. Why this new alloy? To provide a metal with a high degree of purity, which results in improved skin compatibility and increased corrosion resistance compared to conventional bronze alloys. Also, Goldbronze 125 will develop patina and oxidize, yet at a slower pace than with ordinary bronze. The caseback remains done in titanium. This version has a black dial and will be available with a solid titanium bracelet (EUR 4,100), a silicon strap (EUR 4,140) or a textile strap (EUR 3,750). This model isn’t limited.

Sinn T50 GoldBronze Dive Watch Limited
The limited Sinn T50 GoldBronze

Finally, in order to celebrate the launch of this new collection, Sinn is releasing a limited edition of 300 pieces, the T50 GoldBronze with a case, crown and bezel made of Goldbronze 125, fully bead-blasted. Only the caseback is made of titanium. This edition benefits from its own dial, with unique and irregular decorative polishing, as well as a colour meant to recall patinated bronze. Exclusively available on a textile strap, this limited edition Sinn T50 GoldBronze will be available in May 2023 and priced at EUR 4,980.

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