New ‘Harry Potter’ Theme Park In Tokyo Will Open In June

Pack your bags and head to Japan to experience the magical sets of the Wizarding World.

The new Harry Potter attraction will be the second of its kind, following the one in London, and the first one in Asia. The new location is built on the grounds of the old Toshimaen amusement park and will officially open on June 16, 2023.

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The 90,000sqm exhibition will include accurate replicas of sets from the film franchise. Officially called the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter, the new attraction is bigger than its London counterpart.

Harry Potter Theme Park In Tokyo
Image via Instagram @wbtourlondon

Real props like wands, the Goblet of Fire, and Dumbledore’s Memory Cabinet will be on display. Original costumes like the Hogwarts and Beauxbatons uniforms as well as Yule Ball outfits will also be featured.

It will also include exhibits from the Fantastic Beasts franchise, which aren’t in the London location. The entrance will be surrounded by landscaping and models of the creatures found in the movies. 

Harry Potter Theme Park In Tokyo
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Visitors can enjoy walking around key sets for places like Diagon Alley, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, the Forbidden Forest, and the Great Hall. 

The original Hogwarts Express from the films will be on display, after being refurbished in England then shipped to Japan.

Harry Potter Theme Park In Tokyo
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For food and drinks, stop by the Studio Tour’s restaurants and cafés. They will be serving themed dishes from the series as well as British-inspired menus.

Where to Get Tickets

Visitors will need to book their tickets in advance. This is to ensure that everyone can avoid huge crowds and have a more leisurely experience.

Tickets will be available to book online on March 22 for visits between June 16 and September 30, 2023.

Adult tickets (for those 18 and older) are priced at ¥6,300, Junior tickets (ages 12-17) are ¥5,200, and Child tickets (ages 4-11) are ¥3,800. Children under four years old can enter free of charge.

Even if you’re one of the 17 million who went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, the Tokyo exhibit will still be worth the visit as it will feature exclusive sets only available at this location.

Banner image via Instagram @wbtourlondon.

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