New York Fashion Week 2023: A Round-Up Of Some The Event’s Best Collections

Proenza Schouler, Fendi, Rebecca Minkoff, and Elena Velez were among those who showcased memorable and captivating collections during this year’s Spring/Summer NYFW.

With pandemic restrictions waning and life returning to some form of normalcy, 2023’s New York Fashion Week has nearly gotten back to its regular programming. With a total of 75 shows and presentations held within five days, the event was jam-packed with collections from a variety of designers and fashion houses. Without further ado, below are some of the exciting and inspiring collections that caught the media’s attention. 

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Proenza Schouler 

Designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCullough kicked off New York Fashion week in the Hall des Lumières with the latest collection from their brand Proenza Schouler. The collection is meant to explore the “freedom inherent to a summer well lived” and “the sensual and tactile qualities that bring pleasure to life.” One can see this in the fluidity of the collection’s outfits,with many sporting flowing ruffles and fringes. The collection is also an amalgamation of both designers’ personal histories, with influences from Hernandez’s Latin roots and McCullough’s urban American sensibilities. 


Italian fashion house Fendi is known for its baguette bag, designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997. It’s been a popular fashion accessory among buyers since its release, and also a recognizable image of the brand itself. 

To commemorate the bag’s birthday, Fendi purposefully incorporated it into their NYFW collection. “I didn’t want to do a traditional ‘collection’ for the anniversary. Rather it’s a celebration of a time, of the moment the Baguette became famous,” shared Kim Jones, the artistic director for Fendi couture and womenswear. 

Fendi Baguette Bag
Photo via Instagram @fendi.

The collection from Fendi was composed of three distinct parts. The first phase featured streetwear in neutral tones that were styled for spring/summer. The second phase showcased earthy-toned garments punctuated with bold-colored accessories. Finally, the last phase of the show featured outfits with darker tones, but ended in white-colored garments with neon accents. 

Rebecca Minkoff

The pieces of Rebecca Minkoff’s collection exuded the warmth of spring, but still managed to have an edge to them. Ivory denim fabrics were embellished with silver studs and complemented by chain-linked accessories. This created a chic “rock and roll” look as models walked the runway in biker-style jackets and spring streetwear designs. 

Rebecca Minkoff Collection
Photo via Instagram @rebeccaminkoff.

“Yesterday we unveiled our NYFW collection as an intersection between sustainability, fashion, and technology. By reflecting digital imagery atop an ethically made rocker-chic collection, our show encompassed everything we stand for as a brand,” wrote Minkoff in a recent Instagram post

Elena Velez

Named “emerging designer of the year” at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, Elena Velez is cementing her place as a talent to look out for. Inspired by her childhood spent traveling through industrial ships from her metalsmith hometown of Milwaukee, Velez’s collection is made from the materials of ships like sails, ropes, and discarded metal. Structured pieces like corsets are contrasted with the flowing textures of scrunched fabrics, creating looks that are “raw, sensual, and industrial” all at once. 

Elena Velez
Photo by David Bechdel via Instagram @davidjohn84.

Banner image by David Bechdel via Instagram @davidjohn84.

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