Parmigiani has added a rose coloured variant to its Grand Feu Rosa Mystica range of exquisitely engraved minute repeaters.

The watch was first seen last December with a blue grand feu enamel dial.

Parmigiani remains committed to preserving exceptional artisanal and horological skills through its timepieces, and the new Les Roses Carrées in the Grand Feu Rosa Mystica collection advances both causes.

It has a textured fired enamel dial that looks like the petal of a rose concealing a hand wound PF355 caliber with the highest of haute horlogerie complications, the chiming minute repeater.

Parmigiani parmigiani fleurier rosa mystica

The intricately engraved 42mm white gold watch also has a hinged hunter case back with the same repeating rose pattern, that can be opened to admire the underside of the movement.

Parmigiani pm6cpz6b 04 dos ferme v2 copie scaled Parmigiani g5fs5nyd 05 dos ouvert copie scaled

For minute repeater obsessives, the joy is all in the tone and richness of the chimes. In this case, elongaged gongs that circle the movement one and a half time, have been crafted so that they produce a sound likened to a cathedral’s bells.

Parmigiani fbvsb40n 03 profil v3 copie scaled