The Perfect Pairing: A Union of Two Well-Loved Dishes

An all-time favorite custard is combined with one more Filipino classic to create one culinary delight.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s March 2023 Issue.

There’s always something about sweets being paired with another food fare that makes eating them even more enjoyable. Leche flan, for one, is a dessert that is known to have a flavor profile that has been leveled up time and time and again. Whether one adds the earthy ube or the translucent macapuno, the classic Filipino flan is always an opportunity to whip up two distinct dishes into one harmonious treat.

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Yet, no one has ever thought that vermicelli can actually complement the silky texture of the flan—no one until food stylist and recipe developer Nina Daza. “I wanted to think outside of the box,” she tells Lifestyle Asia.

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“Leche flan has always been served exactly the same way. So, I thought of topping it with crispy, caramel-drizzled vermicelli, to make people think that there are other ways to innovate the Filipino classics. This dessert is on another level.”

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Photo by Ed Simon of Kliq, Inc.

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