The Royal Collection Is Dropping a Pink Gin to Commemorate King Charles’s Coronation

The reign of Charles III is nigh, as the new King of England will be coronated on May 6 continuing the British royal family’s dominion over its subjects. Okay, that sounds a bit more ominous than it actually is, so in lighter news—a new pink gin being released in conjunction with the coronation which is available to order now from the Royal Collection Shop.

Royal Windsor Pink Gin is the spirit in question, and the botanical recipe actually sounds rather intriguing. In addition to the requisite juniper, the gin is flavored with pink peppercorn, cassia bark, orange peel and rose petal. Finally, raspberries are picked from the grounds of the Royal Estate in Windsor and infused into the liquid to provide both fruit flavor and color (no artificial coloring is used, according to the website). The royally recommended serve for this gin is over muddled raspberries in a martini glass and topped off by some pineapple juice.

This isn’t the first gin to get the divine right seal of approval. Past expressions from the palace have included the Buckingham Palace Dry Gin, made using botanicals from the royals’ verdant gardens, and a Sloe Gin version that was infused with, naturally, sloe berries. Charles has been known to enjoy a martini or two and the late queen was a fan of gin and Dubonnet, so it makes sense that this fragrant clear spirit would be released to commemorate the coronation.

If you live in the UK, New Zealand, Australia or Germany (for some reason the one country included that is not part of the Commonwealth), you can order a bottle of the new Royal Windsor Pink Gin from Royal Collection website. Or if you’re a real diehard monarchy head and already got your tickets to the coronation, you can probably find a tipple or two to sample there for yourself. And all proceeds from sales of the gin go to The Royal Collection Trust, the organization in charge of caring for the Royal Collection of artwork. It looks like there’s no chance of the gin funding smear pieces on Harry and Meghan, if that’s where your royal fealty lies.

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