Amanda Griffin Jacob shares three nourishing practices to nurture the spirit

For the busy working mom, meditation acts like “an oasis in my perpetually chaotic world.”

There are three wellness practices that Amanda Griffin Jacob swears by: practicing hot yoga, a plant based diet, and meditation. 

In an exclusive interview with Lifestyle Asia, she shares, “I’ve been practicing hot yoga for almost 16 years now and the health benefits surpass any other form of exercise for me. It’s a full body workout that is restorative, detoxifying, and amazing for your mental and emotional wellbeing.” The Glam-O-Mamas founder manages her time and energy for family, work, and advocacy as wife and mother, entrepreneur, and the Philippines’ first International Justice Mission ambassador.

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Jacob says, “I also made the transition to vegetarianism 16 years ago. Hot yoga was really the first step on my wellness journey and giving up meat and fish followed soon after.”

She adds how incredible she felt and switched to a mostly plant based diet around five years ago. Jacob explains that her reasons for going plant based extend beyond health, “I’m very concerned about the planet that my kids are inheriting. I also stopped drinking three years ago as I don’t believe it is good for your health and I haven’t missed it at all.”

When it comes to meditation, she elaborates that it is a practice that she started around three years ago, “but would go through peaks and valleys with it.” She shares that during some months she would be so dedicated while other months she couldn’t find it in her to meditate. She says, “I recommitted to a daily practice six months ago and it has been a supportive anchor ever since. Life as a working mama (who is also an introvert!) with four kids  gets overwhelming quite a lot and meditation is my oasis in my perpetually chaotic world.”

As a firm believer in not being able to pour from an empty cup, Jacob shares that her wellness practices are her form of self-care and self-love: “So I try to top mine up as much as I’m able. I do admit that I run on deficit quite often and I’m really not the best version of myself when that happens.”

How does she manage so she receives the self-care she needs? She answers, “That’s why I make it a point to carve out time for nourishing practices that nurture my spirit.” She also adds that aside from her wellness practices, time with girlfriends is an important form of self-care. “They lift me up, make me laugh, and are balm for the soul,” smiles Jacob.

She also emphasized the value of podcasts, saying, “I’m a voracious listener of wellness podcasts because I like to be in the know and abreast of information and practices that can help me and my family lead healthier lives. Being informed is the best thing you can do when it comes to creating your own program of wellness practices that will work best for you and your family.”

Photos courtesy of Amanda Griffin Jacob.

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