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Best Dishes to Try in Bangkok This Week: Alpea, Waan Thai, and More

We’re only a few weeks into 2023, but it seems like ages already since the fireworks of New Year’s Eve lit up the night skies. And with Chinese New Year right around the corner, it looks like we’re all in for more festive celebrations. With that in mind, now’s probably a good time to relax and catch our collective breaths… and, of course, indulge in some comforting cuisine, whether that means savoury, or sweet, or both!

(Hero image: one of the many inspired sweet treat creations available at Waan Thai)

Alpea features honest and authentic French cuisine, with a menu inspired by childhood memories

Savour honest and authentic French cuisine, inspired by nostalgic dishes, at Alpea
It’s been a few months since Chef Arnaud Dunand launched Maison Dunand, his signature fine dining restaurant on Sathorn Soi 10, but his grand plan always included an adjacent bistro as well, which finally opened its doors late last year. Named Alpea, it features honest and authentic French cuisine, with a menu inspired by a range of nostalgic dishes that the chef cherished during his childhood years spent in the Savoie region of France. Open for lunch, dinner, and a special breakfast on the weekends, this second storey eatery has fast become the go-to spot for gourmet comfort food. Highlights include: Foie gras terrine with Chignin Bergeron jelly (THB 880++); Cheese fondue ravioli with consommé and herbs (THB 750++); Wagyu A4 beef chateaubriand (THB 2,850++); Fish quenelles with leek, fennel, and Chignin beurre blanc (THB 980++); and Crèpes Suzette (THB 480++) prepared tableside the traditional way. Finally, don’t forget to make a visit to Alpea’s ground floor artisanal grocery shop to pick up everything from handmade pasta, cold cuts, and wine, to delicious pastries, bread, and other bakery treats.
For more information and reservations, visit Alpea restaurant.

Colourful Thai desserts are beautifully presented at Waan Thai

See how Waan Thai elevates traditional Thai desserts with exquisite presentations
For four consecutive years now, R-Haan restaurant has held a two-Michelin-star rating – which is certainly why any project that Chef Chumpol Jangprai is involved in tends to garner lots of attention. Now, with the recent opening of Waan Thai – located in the heart of Thong Lor, right on Sukhumvit Soi 55 – Chef Jumpol has set his sights on elevating traditional Thai desserts by giving them exquisite presentations, while scrupulously maintaining all their delicious authentic flavours. By taking an innovative approach and utilising modern techniques, the kitchen team here new dessert interpretations, always delicious in taste and alluring in scent. Choose from mouth-watering sweet treats such as the durian cheesecake, the taro custard mille feuille with passion fruit sorbet, and the musk melon coconut souffle, or opt for one of four tantalising creations made with Chiang Mai chocolate. Of course, there’s quite a few savoury appetisers and starters to choose from as well, plus a variety of beverages such as herbal drinks, coffees, and/or premium teas.
For more information and reservations, visit Waan Thai.

Using only fire to cook makes for amazing dishes at Choen restaurant

Enjoy the ‘Thrill of the Grill’ at the recently launched Choen restaurant
Using only fire to cook, Choen restaurant – tucked away on Pantachit Alley, in Chinatown – takes us back to another time altogether… before gas stoves and microwave ovens. Chef Jirawich “Mew” Meesaengnilavirakul is one of the restaurant partners, and will be familiar to some from his time spent working with Chef Prin Polsuk at Samrub for Thailand. Here, he and his kitchen team focus on cooking techniques, using special firewoods for different dishes, and a special South American-style Parillada grill that rotates up and down to move food near the fire. The current set menu (THB 2,600++) includes 8 courses, but guests order off menus that change every day. Look out for delectable such as: Grilled branches and crispy pork (without frying it takes about five hours to grill); Hokkaido scallops grilled in coconut milk and cha kram leaves; Grilled salted beef and grape salad; Boiled young tamarind leaves with grilled grouper; Smoked beef cheek (6-8 hours) and galangal chili dip with pickled vegetables; and Smoked pork neck salad with Japanese cucumber and chili paste.
For more information and reservations, visit Choen restaurant.