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Best Dishes to Try in Bangkok This Week: Resonance, Kishin, and More

Now that Valentine’s Day is past, and getting a dinner reservation is no longer a Herculean task, it’s time to see what’s going on in Bangkok’s ever-expanding restaurant scene. From brand-new venues to brand-new menus, there’s a lot to savour.

(Hero image: Lamb curry at Resonance; Featured image: One-bite delights at Sushi Kishin)

Chef Satoshi Tsuru presents a 16-course omakase feast at Sushi Kishin

Indulge in a top-notch omakase experience at Sushi KiShin
Local omakase enthusiasts will no doubt remember Tokyo-trained Chef Satoshi Tsuru from his days at Sushi Zo. Now, the maestro is behind a new project, named Sushi KiShin, which is tucked away on the 12th floor of The St. Regis Bangkok hotel. The airy but intimate dining area consists of 14 counter-facing seats, from where diners can observe the chef and his team slicing, dicing, and prepping the 16-course omakase feast. The sushi and sashimi morsels run the gamut from familiar – smoked king mackerel, halibut, sea perch, octopus and shrimp – to more unfamiliar: Houbou (sea robin); Shima Aji (striped jack); Kinmedai (golden eye snapper); Sayori (needlefish); and Bafun Uni (short-spiked sea urchin from Hokkaido). Other highlights include the aged Toro (tuna belly), the A5 Wagyu beef, and the Ankimo (steamed monk fish liver) which is known as “the foie gras of the sea”. Also worth the price of admission is watching Chef Satoshi’s skillful knifework, and observing the small show he puts on whilst delicately singeing the edges of certain sushi selections with a red hot piece of eucalyptus wood charcoal. Quite something!
For more information and reservations, visit Sushi Kishin.

Resonance offers a new 12-course or 14-course tasting menu (with optional wine or tea pairing)

Resonance restaurant introduces two new amazing set menu tasting dinners
For more than a year now, Japanese-born chef Shunsuke Shimomura – a former R&D chef at Gaggan Anand – has been wowing Bangkok diners with his fabulously freeform, and beautifully executed Asian-centric cuisine at Resonance restaurant. Located in the Ekkamai area, this austerely elegant fine dining spot recently updated their imaginative tasting menu, available as a 12-course tasting menu (THB 4,500++ / wine pairing THB 3,500++), or as a slightly more lavish 14-course meal (THB 6,500++ / wine pairing THB 3,500++). Prepare your palate for such intriguing dishes as: Clam soup starter; Shiro ebi (prawn) with tea soba; Red grouper with aonori (seaweed); the signature Hoy Mara (a bitter gourd conch served raw and marinated with shoyu and sake); Jasmine Wagyu with egg yolk; Grilled duck with myoga (Japanese ginger); lamb ribs served with a rich Indian curry; and an unforgettable dessert of Camembert cheese ice cream. Both menus are available with an optional wine pairing, but for something a little different try the very well curated tea pairing (THB 1,200++) which the restaurant recommends diners reserve 24-hours in advance.
For more information and reservations, visit Resonance restaurant.

Chef Ian Kittichai teams up with Chef Jessica “Paope” Wang for the launch of Akanee

A pair of celebrity chefs team up for Akanee, a new grill-focused Thai restaurant
If you’re wondering what chef, restaurateur, author, and TV personality Ian Kittichai (of Issaya Siamese Club) has been up to these days, then pay a visit to Akanee, his new grill-focused restaurant – conveniently located at Earth Ekkamai, just a few steps from the BTS station. This 60-seat dining spot is a joint venture with well-known restaurateur and TV personality Jessica “Paope” Wang, and together the pair have chosen to focus on traditional Thai charcoal grilling methods, using clay stoves. And since the word akanee means “fire” in Thai, and is also the name of the ‘God of Fire’ in folklore, it’s only fitting that there are plenty of yang (grilled dishes) available. The menu also features well-known regional favourites, such as southern Khao Mok Kai and northern Khao Soi, in addition to yum (salads and starters), gaeng (Thai curry), pad and tod selections (stir fry and fried), khao and sen (rice and noodles), and delicious kanom (desserts), which come in sets or as à la carte menu items. As for drinks, the bar offers a variety of beverages, plus beer and wine selections.
For more information and reservations, email