Citizen’s Latest Promaster Is a Monster Dive Watch That Won't Destroy Your Bank Account

Watch brands love nothing more than a bit of friendly competition, and there’s no better arena for a horological smackdown than the ocean. While diver’s watches have been around for more than 50 years, the race to create the ultimate waterproof timepiece has heated up substantially in recent months thanks to a crop of new ultra-deep divers from Rolex, Omega, and TAG Heuer. The current reigning champ, Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge, is as technically impressive as it is physically imposing, with an inch-thick case that’s water-resistant to 11,000 meters and an asking price just south of $26,000. Setting aside the fact that, unless you’re James Cameron, you probably won’t be diving to the bottom of the ocean anytime soon, you don’t have to spend thousands to put a burly and capable diver on your wrist; the Citizen Promaster Dive “Ecozilla” will get the job done in style for under $600.

Anyone who’s been in the market for a dive watch in recent years will be familiar with the Promaster, Citizen’s beloved lineup of sturdy-yet-inexpensive divers and a mainstay of countless “best affordable dive watches” lists. Originally released in 2004, the Promaster Dive  (affectionately dubbed the “Ecozilla”) earned its nickname thanks to a combination of beefy proportions and Citizen’s signature Eco-Drive movement, which is powered by any light source and can run for six months between charges. While most Promaster models (and many dive watches priced much higher) are rated to 200m, the Ecozilla also distinguishes itself with a water-resistance rating of 300m—more than enough to accompany you on any aquatic adventure. 

As its name suggests, the Ecozilla is a bit of a beast on the wrist, with a large-and-in-charge 48mm case and an oversized unidirectional bezel (the rotating piece around the dial that divers use to time their oxygen supply). While its brawny dimensions might not lend themselves to slipping under a dress shirt cuff, the Ecozilla still manages to look streamlined thanks to a unique “lug-less” design in which the strap attaches directly to the case. With its famously robust specs, an affordable price, and two new versions accented in bright yellow and olive green, the latest Citizen Promaster is one creature from the deep you won’t want to run away from.

Citizen Promaster Dive “Ecozilla” watch

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