Jonah Hill Just May Convince You to Buy a Pair of Uggs

There are all sorts of daytime dressers: the carefully groomed, the brilliantly sloppy, and plenty of types in between. We’re particularly fond of what you might call the Chaotic-Good Errand Outfit, worn by folks who always manage to look cool even when they’re just bopping around town—like Steven Yeun rocking bright blue Undefeated shorts and ACGs at the chiropractor, or Donald Glover strolling around Manhattan in micro-shorts and not much else, or Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum coordinating earth tones while window-shopping in Williamsburg. 

Chief among the kings of errand dressing is Jonah Hill, an entire generation’s North Star of personal style who absolutely loves getting dressed. A linen shirt and The Row slip-ons to a summer-evening dinner, some blissful patchwork jeans and leopard mules out and about in LA. 

Such was the case on Thursday, when our guy, sporting a well-grown-out bleached buzz cut and a pretty unbelievable seafaring beard, hit up the Brentwood Country Mart in another spot-on Errands Outfit: a simple waffle henley and a pair of crisp, dark-wash jeans from the holy-grail Japanese denim label Kapital with the brand’s signature appliquéd bones down the sides. Oh, and a pair of classic chestnut Ugg boots—and, Jonah being Jonah, he cuffed the jeans just so, giving the Uggs plenty of room to breathe. Yes, those Australian-by-way-of-Southern-California après-surf boots turned ubiquitous post-Y2K stompers have made their way back into fashion. And whether or not we can entirely chalk the Uggs revival up to the early-aughts nostalgia machine—which, thus far, has mostly worked its powers on womenswear, while menswear is still in deep dalliance with the 1990s—if Hill here is any proof, men also look really good in Uggs.

Speaking of: Uggs, like a nice Barolo, tend to benefit from some airflow. Some of Hill’s fellow Errands Outfits legends are familiar with this technique, including Bella Hadid, who paired her platform shearling boots with micro-shorts and a slice of pizza, and Hill’s buddy Adam Sandler, who also recently rolled up to very same Brentwood Country Mart in a pair of Uggs, which he aired out by pairing them with flowy peach basketball shorts. I’d like to see the three of them meet up some time, perhaps over some artisanal charcuterie and a bloomy triple-crème cheese at the ol’ Country Mart, to talk shop. 

Kapital “Okagilly” straight-leg appliquéd jeans

UGG Classic short boot

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