Lululemon's Genre-Defining Sweatpants Are Half Off Right Now

Of all the sweatpants we have (or intended to) sweat in, the Lululemon City Sweat jogger consistently ranks among our favorites. That hard-earned pedigree largely stems from the brand’s authority in the space; there’s a reason Lululemon’s slick workout gear is ubiquitous in gyms (and—deep sigh—offices) across the country, and though the Canadian company isn’t the first place we’d turn to to stock up on office staples, its activewear remains a perennial standout

Plenty of that authority boils down to function—the City Sweater joggers are crafted from cozy-as-hell French Terry, with just enough stretch in the mix—but Lululemon deserves some shine for it’s emphasis on form, too. Its sweats are dependably sleek, cut tapered and slightly cropped, and they always come equipped with the type of nifty specs lesser brands tend to ignore completely. In this case, that mean a duo of side pockets, naturally, but also a discreet zippered back pocket large enough to store your wallet, keys, and half-eaten Clif bar. They make for excellent lazy Sunday fare, sure, but they also don’t look half bad when you need to hightail it to the corner store and can’t quite muster the energy to change into jeans. 

Here’s the catch: we’re not the only ones who think so. The City Sweat joggers are one of Lululemon’s most popular silhouettes, which means the brand has little reason to put them on sale. Except right now they are, in some cases for a whopping half off. They come in a handful of muted jewel tones, but for our money, your best bet is the almost-teal shade the brand calls Jasper, which is available in a full run of sizes for a measly 60 bucks. (Plus free shipping!) 

Will you be the only guy in your neighborhood/group chat/neighborhood group chat who owns a pair? 400+ glowing reviews say…probably not. But the Lululemon City Sweat jogger helped turn the upstart yoga brand into a multi-billion dollar athleisure juggernaut, and if you’ve always been curious to give its hero product a try, you’d be hard-pressed to find it at a better price. 

Lululemon City Sweat jogger

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