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New Bangkok Bars That Should Be On Your Radar this 2023

There’s always a fabulous reason to head out for drinks in Bangkok. Here are the best new bars and cocktail menus you should know about.

[Hero and featured image credit: The St. Regis Bar]

The best new bars in Bangkok this February 2023

Image credit: behind_the_curtain_bkk/Instagram

Behind The Curtain Bkk proves there’s a lot to drink behind the curtains

We went to Mia Restaurant and finally found what’s behind that mysterious curtain: a gorgeous new drinks programme by new bar manager Marc Perez Rodriguez. Whilst not too much has been unveiled just yet, they’re also launching a dessert omakase soon, where Chef Michelle Goh’s sweet treats are paired with beautiful cocktails to suit. We never thought a Winery Mojito would go so well with some Prunier Baerii Caviar, sourdough crumpets, and smoked curd—but as it turns out, the answer was right behind that curtain.

You can find more information at Behind The Curtain Bkk.

Image credit: Hinoiri Bar/Facebook

Hinoiri Bar has a huge sun in the middle, and great drinks at the centre

Japanese bars are known for their hospitality, and the newest one in town boasts a venue that feels intimate, and a menu that exudes warmth. Translating to “sunset,” Hinoiri has a large sun replica at its centre. Whatever your spirit preference is, they’re going to craft you your own cocktail that goes with your brief. Thereby, you could be fair and say something like, “I love rum, and I want it to be aromatic,” or you can confuse them a bit and say something like “Yeah, I want my drink to feel like a warm sunny day in Hokkaido.”

You can find more information at Hinoiri Bar.

Image credit: The St. Regis Bangkok

The Art of Drinking Masterclass is a trip through history we don’t get bored of

The St. Regis Bar has been open for a hot minute, and they’re already organising events left and right. On the third Saturday of every month, Bar Manager Volkan Ibil will be organising a 90-minute masterclass on New York cocktail culture and its history, as well as how to mix your own drink—selected from the bar’s signatures. Each session comes with complimentary bites and a Violet Hour Martini, one of crowd’s favourites.

You can find more information at The St. Regis Bangkok.

The best new bars in Bangkok this January 2023

We’re starting off 2023 with the best way possible: looking for new favourite places to drink. The capital isn’t wasting any time in introducing us to good cocktails and excellent service. We aren’t complaining, though, so let us show you the places to be. Our expectations are especially high after New Year, after all.

Image credit: St. Regis Bangkok

The St. Regis Bar brings New Yorker charm to Bangkok

The St. Regis Bangkok welcomes Volkan Ibil as their new bar manager. Along with the team, Volkan has introduced a total of 40 recipes that pay homage to the iconic King Cole Bar at the St. Regis New York, the birth place of the Bloody Mary. The new drinks menu aims to capture the essence of New York’s culture and charm, each evoking the moods of those visiting the historic city.

Be there at 7.30pm to see “The Violet Hour”, a daily ritual where you can watch the bartenders throwing martinis at the bar.

Highlights you shouldn’t miss include their signature “Violet Hour Martini” made from gin, aromatised wine, orange bitters, and orange and violet liqueurs, as well as the “Manhattan Club,” a concoction created with spiced whisky, rosso vermouth, bianco vermouth, verte, and aromatic bitters. If it sounds very strong, it is.

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You can find more information at The St. Regis Bar.

Image credit: Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is certainly a paradise that we’re happy to be lost in

Atop Siam@Siam Design Hotel is a tropical-themed oasis filled with greenery, fun, and to-die-for 360° views of the bustling city. Paradise Lost’s every spot is perfect for Instagram, and their drinks are certainly something to write home about, too. Are you a beer kind of person? They have both local and imported ones, both craft and on tap. What about wine? All natural wines—you name it—red, white, sparkling, and more.

Cocktails follow a summer theme which aim to freshen up your evening, as well as make the night all the more unforgettable. Highlights include “Can’t Burn Concrete,” a drink made from Dewar’s 12 Year Scotch, yellow chartreuse, some fizz, and chrysanthemum honey, as well as “Bright Idea,” a martini-inspired cocktail with floral notes made from crème de violette and housemade orange mango bitters.

Be sure to arrive with an empty stomach, as their food is so, so good. Don’t forget to order the duck confit with bone marrow.

You can find more information at Paradise Lost Bangkok.

Image credit: Saints Bar and Dispensary/Instagram

Saints Bar and Dispensary

Saints is a bar and dispensary all in one. The minimal interior, the stylish decor, the collection of marijuana placed nicely along the shelves—it’s like the feeling of being at home, but with an elevated setting.

They also offer good drinks and great bar snacks, coupled with some jazz. The night is still young, but time seems to pass quite faster when you’re there.

You can find more information at Saints Bar and Dispensary.

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