This Souped-Up G-Shock Really Wants To Be Your Gym Buddy

You probably shouldn’t drop your G-Shock out of a window, but if you ever did, it’s good to know it would be just fine. It wouldn’t be the first time—when G-Shock inventor Kikuo Ibe set out to create the toughest, chunkiest, most futuristic digital watch ever, he tested his prototypes by dropping them onto the pavement outside Casio HQ. Forty years and countless models later, the brilliant minds at Casio remain hard at work coming up with new ways to make the G-Shock even tougher, chunkier, and more futuristic. The result of their latest effort is the G-Shock Move GBD-H2000, a cutting-edge fitness tracker with a full suite of sensors, including GPS, blood oxygen, and heart rate, designed to help you get the most out of your gym sessions. 

Loyal G-Shock fans may remember the watch’s predecessor, the Move GBD-H1000, which made G-Shock a contender among the world’s best fitness watches when it launched in 2020. Three years later, the new model shows off a host of improvements large and small, from a gyroscope to measure swimming strokes to a case made from sustainable corn-based bioplastic, along with a comfier, more flexible strap. The new GBD-H2000 is both smarter and svelter than its predecessor, with a more wearable (but still very meaty) 59mm case that’s slightly thinner and nearly 40% lighter than the H1000. 

Casio G-Shock Move GBD-H2000 watch

The biggest changes, though, are internal. The GBD-H2000 is optimized for everything from open water swimming and trail running to HIIT workouts and interval training. Paired with Casio’s smartphone app, the GBD-H2000 doesn’t just monitor your laps, sets, and reps—it also provides detailed info on your recovery, with a suite of features analyzing your cardio load, your oxygen intake, and how well you sleep after hitting the gym. If you’re the kind of person who’s inclined to dig deep into these sorts of analytics, there’s a ton here to keep you satisfied. For everyone else, there’s a big, bright screen and an advanced alarm system that senses when your sleep is lightest during a specified time window and wakes you up with a gentle vibration—all the better to get that early morning run in.

At $399, the Move GBD-H2000 isn’t the cheapest G-Shock on the market, but given how well it stacks up against high-end fitness trackers like the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s as much of a value proposition as ever. And yeah, you can drop this one out of a window, too.

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